Sending you good boobies thoughts!

This happened to me too. I had to wait a month for the ultrasound and it was really hard not to dwell on it every day. Thankfully, it was just something with the tissue that was wonky. And I have to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get bigger. That was almost two years ago and it is the same size.

Hang in there! Do whatever you need to to make sure you're OK!


Sending you laughter and holding you in my prayers. It's a scary, scary thing, but keep your confidence! I've had something similar twice...a palpable ("feelable) lump, but nothing on the mammogram or ultrasound. Both went away on their own, no idea what they came from. Hopefully yours will do the same!


I had a biopsy done at 23 (I am now almost 29, it turned out to be a calcification), I have basically driven all my friends crazy since then to check themselves ALL THE TIME.

One of my friends had a scare in December too and she's 29, I don't know but I think it's now very important for women to start regular checks in their twenties... I think the thirties are too late now.

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Love you, honey. I'll be praying for you.


Hey, you should have called. There is TONS of things I could/can do to help you here. No jokes or anything. I spend most of my days talking to women in situations like this. Lumps unseen on ultrasounds and mammograms are surprisingly common and usually are more likely to be cysts than anything


Oh man. I just read this entry. I hope everything turns out okay.


Yikes! Sending good thoughts your way.

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