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Um, you are totally cute. And from the sound of it, so is he. And he is obviously interested in you. Drop him a line - offer to buy him a drink in "thanks" for his work. Does he have an email address on the card? If so, just use it and drop him a quick note. Worst case scenario, he won't answer but I DOUBT that will happen. Take a chance!


TUWABVB that would be a great idea and I have thought about that BUT the card just has the stores generic email address. So I would have to go to the store to see him unless I emailed the generic email address with the subject line To and then his name. Which then the whole store will find out about and I'm not about to do that. So I'm back at square one! Thanks though!


Drop by. Look at iPods. Flirt. :-)


Well, this will take lots of time, but you could actually MAIL him (as in the real, U.S. Postal Service) a "thank you note" (with your card, of course!) Or you could drop by and drop off a thank you card, maybe with some cookies he could share with his coworkers, just to say thanks...


Oh man, I'm so bad at this stuff! I like what the people above said! I don't think it hurts to drop by and tell him thanks (either by bringing him cookies or something else). And while you're there, see how it goes, give him your card. OOOOOORRRRRRR....go to the store, say something like, "hey, i want to thank you for your help by taking you to see the Dark Knight." That is a little more forward, but at least you'll know your answer right away. So fun!!!

emily ann

I wouldn't do the cookies thing, only because it reminds me a certain group of sorority girls from CBU (props to Slynnro for that awesome name!) that would take dudes cookies FOR EVERY LITTLE THING. You are not that girl. I'm sorry if I offended anyone but 28 yrs old + giving cookies = doesn't compute.

If I were in your shoes, I’d march my happy ass back up there with another problem (made up or not) and flirt, flirt, FLURT (this is a higher form of flirting). Hopefully, he’d get the idea (although he is a man and they aren’t the most receptive to OBVIOUS BEHAVIORS) but if he didn’t—confidently hand him your card and say thanks again…he was a great help, yadda, yadda, yadda. Make a joke that you’d love to help him buy a house! Oooooor take his picture? Hmmm…maybe I’m terrible at this sort of stuff after all.


Obviously, you drive your car over your computer. DUH.


Hey, I need to go to the Apple Store this weekend! Come with me and then you can tell him that because he was so great and helpful, you just knew he could help me with my questions. And then while I take my sweet ass time looking at things, you flirt more and give him your card.


Like most of the people said - go back - wear something that says "I am hot do me" and flirt with him. See how it goes from there.


don't forget the "bend and snap". i expect you to remember this since you are such a movie buff!

Darin Dunn

ooo. I like Carolie's idea! Mail him a thank you card WITH your card included!

By the way. I just checked his blog and he is also kicking himself.

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