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Yay, more posts! More drug-induced Vicodinny posts.


I'm glad to finally get the full story! Quite the trooper you are!

Emily Ann

I still don't understand how a responsible powerlifter like yourself got a herniated disc. You always stretch before lifting 200 lb weights!!


Does this mean your spot on the US Olympic powerlifting team is open? I must get back to training!


Well, that's it. Send me your address! I'm sending you a care package, STAT!

I'm so sorry this happened to you!


How scary! I am glad that it was not too serious! Hoping you feel a lot better soon!


Ummmm...I just snorted very loudly when reading the part about what you said to the EMT's! Dang, you're stinking hilarious even in pain!


Sending my healing vibes out to you. Get well soon!


If it makes you feel better, I've herniated three different discs by just sneezing. And for the most part, they healed on their own. Now that I'm older (almost 40) it's a different story. On the last go around, I ended up having surgery to remove the piece that was herniated - this was after 10 months of drugs, epidural injections and nerve blocks. Two hours after surgery, no pain and I could stand up and walk fine. It was awesome - I just wish I had managed to get the surgery 3 months in instead of 10 months into the fun.

Make sure that you are advocating for yourself, push the doctor hard for aggressive treatment and drugs to help the pain. There are lot of meds out there that can help with the nerve pain. Email me if you want to talk more.

Hang in there!

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