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This is something I hadn't really thought about. But I am probably actually going to end up finding myself in a similar situation- my sister is a mess and isn't going to likely be particularly helpful in any of these matters. And I'm watching my mom go through this now- my grandfather recently died and last week my grandma broke her hip and is in the hospital.

That said, you shouldn't feel guilty about doing what you want. I'm sure your parents wouldn't want that either.

Emily Ann

ick, ick, ick...i hate that you're going thru this. I know you'll find that balance--it does exist. If anyone can figure it all out, you can. Hopefully your parents can see that in order for you to be truly happy, you need to spread your wings and explore the world. HOW FREAKING CHEESY DO I SOUND TODAY? I need to buy one of those motivational posters with mountain landscapes in the background.


God doesn't ask anything of us without also empowering us to do it. I know that seems trite but I think it applies to you because you are one of the strongest, smartest women I know and if anyone CAN handle a challenge like this, it's you. And even though you don't have a brother or sister, you do have friends who love you and a God who wants to be your best friend and your source of strength.

I know that when the rest of us get to the point where we're caring for our parents in their old age, you're going to be such a great source of advice and encouragement. I'm so proud of your willingness to admit your vulnerability and human-ness. It's an beautiful quality.


I can't say that I can completely relate to what you're going through, but I do hear you and your concerns. My opinion is that when you're an only child that you tend to rely more on your friends and they tend to become your family. You've got a great group of friends that would be there for you in a heartbeat if anything were to happen. Jenny and I just talked about this the other day and she had said you were the friend she knew she could always count on, no matter what. So I think because you're that kind of friend to people, then in return, you have those kinds of friends who support you as well. I'm talking in circles and rambling--sorry. I'm excited to hear what your news is on Thursday!


What Kerri said is true. I know that I can ALWAYS count on you to be there for me. Likewise, please know that I will do the same for you. Not because I feel obligated, but because you truly are another sister to me! You know that you are my mexican sister so it's time your family recognizes me as their white girl daughter! :) Seriously though, no amount of money would keep me from making a trip if you ever needed me!

On another note, you're doing great on how you handle things with your parents. At the same time though, you do need to explore and figure out what needs you have in your life! Just continue to be honest with your parents and let them see your heart. I love you friend!


Lissa, I'm thinking of you. And praying for you. And I can't stop thinking that you are such a wonderful person to even CONSIDER such issues in such a serious, thoughtful way. There are a lot of people out there who don't give their parents and what they've done for them a second thought. Yours must be so very very proud of you and the wonderful, thoughtful, sincere person you are.


Dear sweet Melissa. I hear you. You're young, single and have no kids. You want to just run free without worrying about it sometimes. You're allowed to feel this way and I hope that your close friends allow you to vent, because letting it out allows you to keep being the great daughter that you are without developing an ulcer. ;)

When my mother became seriously ill because of complications from her diabetes. My parents waited until the very last minute and then called me to say "We need you to come home." I have 2 sisters and one brother. one sis was too young, the other was/is a hot mess and my bro had a family of his own to care for. So naturally, the daughter with the good job, AWESOME apartment and good looking boyfriend was their only choice, lol. At first I went into caretaker mode. But then the resentment settled in, I missed the life I had made for myself. Those feelings would come and go, but now my Mom has her health back and is leading a normal life.

You and your parents are in my thoughts.

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