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Emily Ann

hahaha...could you imagine if I lived in LA?! No telling how many celebs I'd see! Alas, the 30 seconds I spend with Justin Timberlake remain to be the best 30 seconds I've spent in an elevator. Period. By the way, have you ever told your blog about our evening we spent stalking the SNL cast in our old neighborhood? Just think, we could do that again if you moved back!! Love you poodlepants!!


Hahahaha - this whole thing made me laugh out loud. I'm not quite sure what I'd do should I ever encounter a celebrity. I doubt I'd be as calm, especially if I were sharing an elevator with them.


Emily Ann- I have not told the story of us stalking the SNL cast because that ends with me trying to convince you to let me sleep on the sidewalk. It really doesn't paint me in the best light. Perhaps another time.

Jennifer- When I first moved to NY I freaked because the the very next day I saw Jimmy Fallon, who I think is so funny, but after awhile you really don't even notice them anymore.


I love Emily! I never get tired of that JT story. It's like a goodnight story...now I can go to bed peacefully because at least one of my friends has had an encounter wtih JT. And on that note, Emily, you sucK! I was the one who was supposed to meet JT! ;)


"Finally she tells me the name of Justin Timblerlake."

I almost fell off my bed!! THE JT!!
That's lucky.

Oh, and hi, great writing, will be reading you :o)

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