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I applaud you for taking the steps to find out what is best for YOU and for wanting to step outside of your comfort zone. I know exactly what you mean by "freeing and scary" all at the same time. At some point you just gotta take the first step off that ledge and then keep on walking. You can do this! I'm excited for you! With that said, where are you going back to school? Any chance you're moving to Denver? Denver has a great IT culture out here. OOOO--or are you moving to Austin? Adrian and I would be sooooooo jealous if you moved to Austin! Wherever you land, I'm excited to see the changes that God will bring about in your life. Papa Drenth would say, "YOU GO GIRL!"


I tip my hat off to you, standing up to your parents and doing what makes you happy takes so much courage. Good luck to you!


Way to go! It is so hard when you realize your parents don't really know what completely makes you tick. I am proud of you for following your heart!


Good for you.

AND you get to buy SCHOOL SUPPLIES AGAIN! Lucky you.

Emily Ann

In the words of Fresh Prince, "parents just don't understand."


Hey Mo,

I think this is a great plan. If you can't stand what you are doing there is no time like the present to try something new. Besides that you are positioned well for the change. I think graphic arts would be a ton of fun, the job market is fair there also so I say go for it! Also thanks for reading my long post. You are the only one who commented on it. Nobody else must have made it all the way through. :) Sorry I didn't call you on your birthday, my bad. I hope you can forgive me for such insolance. Anyway I love you and happy late bday.

Your pal,

Heather B.

Happy super belated Birthday!!! Also you are my idol right now. I keep saying that I'll go back to school and thus far nada.


Yay, Melissa!

Lee Hoover

You're never too old to go back to school, especially to learn about something you have a passion to do. Good on you! It will be worth it...

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