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Commenting on a person's parenting is an entirely different matter than commenting on whether or not they are personally annoying. I do this- like with FNG at work. There are plenty of valid things wrong with him- no need to just make shit up.

Emily Ann

You're a nicer person than me! When I don't like someone, completely ignoring them works for me. It says a lot about your character that you were willing to stand up for her even though you don't like her.


'm not surprised. You're a person of integrity. Whether or not someone annoys the crap out of you has no bearing on whether or not they are a good parent, or even a good person.

I know plenty of people who are really good people (good parents, good workers, whatever) but who make me want to climb the WALLS when they are near.

I do not care for my sister-in-law one bit. I can say plenty of negative things about her (but I won't in this forum, of course). There are many ways in which I don't respect her.

But...she is an amazing, wonderful, fierce and admirable mother, raising two daughters and doing a damn fine job of it.

I don't run around saying "I hate her." I also don't run around saying "oh, I hate her...but she's a great mom!" But, I do let her know that I admire her parenting, and I will defend her as a parent to anyone who says differently.


Way to stick up for a momma! I'm proud of you! See, you can be sweet!

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