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So sorry you are still coughing....hope you feel better soon!

The mask is a common sight here in Japan. When I first arrived here, I thought folks wore masks to protect themselves from other people's germs. Nope, they all wear masks if they are the slightest bit sick, so they don't infect anyone else! It's considered really bad here to cough or sneeze in public, and God forbid you ever blow your nose in public!

The Americans here won't wear the masks though, because we're all afraid of looking silly, even though the base health clinic even has a big sign that says "if you have a respiratory illness, PLEASE wear a mask!"

You look like you're a surgeon or a kick-ass home remodelling specialist from one of the reality shows!


If they were going to give you a mask, the least they could do is also give you one glove. You could've moonwalked into the exam room.




But hey! Free Halloween costume?


But hey! Free Halloween costume?

Emily Ann

hahahahahaha!!! I LOVE IT!!!

seized by hope


Incidentally, the mask makes your eyes look very mysterious....nice.

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