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Did the racists drunks even have the decency to look ashamed after that? Did anyone say anything to them or come to the defense of the military guy? Although I may have been silent while the people were making asses of themselves, once it devolved into racism, I would have had to speak up. After all, they were drunk, you coulda pushed them down the stairs and made it look like an accident. ;)

Emily Ann

I'm surprised a fist fight didn't break out in defense of the military dude. I've seen more fights when it comes to defending military personnel. Of course, this could also be because I was surrounded by drunken rednecks.

Emily Ann

Oh and you know if I was there with you I would have yelled at the drunken idiots, "HAHAHA--you just got OWNED!!!" And then follow it up with all Ben Stiller style from Meet the Parents, "Can you deal with that??"


Americans like that disgust me. Wonder if they'd tell Manu the same thing.


This just angers me so much. And you know what really sucks, obviously besides the racism? That this guy is in the military, probably not a lot of money, and play off tickets are SO expensive, and that whole experience was ruined for him. And those around him.

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