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Not to be a uh, snob, but she works in the store? And she's calling you low class? Nothing wrong with working in a department store, but....you know what I'm saying.

I would have said something like "Well, I guess you'd be the expert since you work here."


But...she called Kenneth Cole watches low class, not YOU...right? I mean, she's kind of an idiot for speaking without thinnking, but it sounds like she was trying to sound "knowledgeable" or something, dismissing that particular designer.

Then again, I work far too hard to give people the benefit of the doubt. Guess that comes from being around whiny, gossipy military wives all the time (oh, did I say that out loud? Oooops! Hee hee!)


slynnro- Yes those thoughts did come to my mind while I was laying in bed. It's moments like these that make me wish I had your sharp tongue.

Carolie- It is the way she said it and the inflection of her voice. She was trying to get a point across. I don't know what is wrong with this child. Also have no fear for saying anything out loud here at this site! I promise not to tell. :)


I think I would have been just as speechless in her presence, and probably blogged about it later to vent my frustration.

Seriously, her comment was bitchy whether she meant it towards ya'll or her taste in watches. And Nordstroms should probably fire her seeing as they missed out on her sale. Good thing you weren't looking for men's pants. It could have been worse! (o:

Emily Ann

I wasn't there so I have no idea but it sounds like to me she has no tact or social skills. I can't imagine her trying to imply you are low class when she hadn't seen you in 10 years...it just doesn't make sense. But hey--you know the chick, not me. Want to know what I would have said? "Kenneth Cole IS low class, right?!? It's crazy--since I started stripping & cooking meth again, I just can't stay away from the low class crap!" Then I would have farted and left the store. The End.


Emily, are you suggesting that my career in stripping and part-time meth lab gig make me low class? I am offended on my own behalf and that of my strip club/meth lab coworkers.


Emily, you freaking crack me up! But, back to your question. I think I would've acted the same as you. Who says something like that? What the heck is wrong with people today?! If I had the guts I would've called her a ho bag.


Just to clarify my point, it's not low class that she is working in the store, but my guess is that she probably has an inferiority complex about it because you are shopping in the store where she is folding sweaters. AWK TO THE MAX!

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