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Emily Ann

wow...it's crazy how much we change in such a short amount of time. If had ended up w/my college boyfriend...uhhh I shudder when I think about what life would probably be like. By the way, the feeling you have everytime you land at Denver? Is the same one I feel everytime I walk thru Grand Central, afraid I might run into OMR. I'm always nervous and a couple times, I've even done the "I'm pretending to be talking to someone on my cell when I'm actually talking to no one." I might be a complete and utter dork.


Hi Lissa, I came by your blog by way of This Fish. My first love has been contacting me recently when I heard his voice I could barely breathe. It's been a long time, 9 years. He said he often wishes we would have married back then. I feel the same. I'm going to get to know him again and see.

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