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Oh my. What a poignant, thoughtful post. Thank you for sharing that glimpse into yourself.

I could say so many things to you, like "keep being picky!" and "don't settle (but don't count out the less-than-handsome guys)!" and "love yourself!" and "he'll find you and you'll find him, and you'll both realize it was worth waiting for each other..."

But none of that really helps in the now.

I admire you, your traveling and your attitude and your brains and your charm. You've got a place to stay in Japan any time in the next 8 months...after that, it'll be somewhere else (we've got our fingers crossed for Belgium or Singapore right now!)


I know exactly what you mean.

Emily Ann

I am so terrible at offering advice for this sort of thing--only because I hate getting it from other people. Living up in NYC again has really helped me because it's more normal to be 28 and single than it is to be married at 28. I know that doesn't help at all but you aren't married/attached/etc for a reason-and my own personal theory is because you haven't quite settled into where you'd like to live your life. Once that comes into focus, I think everything else will start settling into place as well.


sometimes it's so hard to know how your life will unfold. i've made some stupid, stupid decisions in the past. in hindsight, had i known how my life would turn out, i like to think that i wouldn't have made those choices. but hindsight is always 20/20.


I found your blog through Charming, but Single. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. I share a lot of the same ones myself.


Your honesty is refreshing - and you know I know (on some level) what you're talking about here. As your friend I believe it's just a matter of you meeting that person who gets you and sees you for who you really are. He's out there, probably wondering where you are too! :) And in 5-10 years we are going to share a glass of wine and look back and laugh our butts off about all of these worries and fears. Love ya honey...

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