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Emily Ann

It is completely embarrassing for her in my opinion. She is seriously delusional if she thought this was an actual music video.


Seriously - why does everyone feel the need to get a record deal? Just like Jo from Real Housewifes - what the heck? NO TALENT! Why can't Heidi just be Heidi and be the bitch on the Hills that we all know and love? The world does not need yet another half naked pop star singing about nothing only to go crazy five years later and be the laughing stock of society. Like our poor Britney. *sigh* You KNOW I had to be all over this post girlfriend!


I cannot stop laughing.


I am embarrassed for watching that entire video. So stupid! Homegirl is on crack!


Oh I love you girls! I laughed at each of your comments!


Such. A. Bad. Idea. No, seriously.

And yay for other misplaced Texans. :)

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