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Mine is here: http://superfantastic.blogs.com/weblog/2008/01/making-it-to-th.html


You're cute. How about hanging out with Catherine - that makes you happy, right? :) You'll add it after our Veronica Mars marathon on Sunday, I bet. Are we still doing that this weekend?

Read my latest blog entry and let me know if there's anything I left out. You're going to think I'm nuts.

Heather B.

That hand on the small of your back thing is absolutely perfect.

And I'm currently going through an Asia phase which means checking out all things Asia because I feel compelled to go.

You know where else I feel compelled to go and actually will be going to? Austin. That's a heads up for you so then we can have good conversation over some wine.


Great list. I decided you and I are a lot a like. Except I'm more of a liquor girl. I don't like wine. But, it's um a little hard to have "good" conversation when liquor is involved.


Do you miss me? Are you ready for ski trip? Hope you are doing good. It's been a while since we talked. In fact the last time we talked...... Nevermind. See you soon!


Ooh- can I tag along on the Heather B. Austin date?

I would love to visit New York in the fall. So move there so I can already!

Also, I am giving away a prize at my blog. Come enter my contest Melissa!

Also also- we need to talk about Blogher. Are we still thinking about going?

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