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Emily Ann

i can't wait to get home and listen to all these songs you mentioned! I think I only know 2 of them. I'm a music loser. Haha...can't wait!!! See you in 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS I think you should download Sea Green, See Blue by Jaymay (if you haven't already). I am obsessed with this song at the moment.


I know when I was in Europe I was thankful for mellow music. Travel is stressful and it chilled me out. Also it was good for sleeping to on planes and trains.


I enjoy any song with a good drum solo. My current favorite is music from We Are Marshall. It has a fantastic drum cadence. Of course, I'm every woman is on the top of my list. Also, Celine Dion's Taking Chances. I know she's a cheeseball, but sometimes it's fun to pretend that you can sing beautifully like she does. I always enjoy belting out her songs! Wish I was going with you to Thailand....tear!

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