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Oh yes, that tequila shot is definitely required. In fact, I believe the State Department suggests one tequila shot per day until you depart, just to be on the safe side.


I'm so with you on the straightener in the carry on. Except for me, it's a curling iron. And it used to be all of my makeup before the damned terroritsts ruined that. The thought of packing for such a trip would TERRIFY(!!!!) me. I am going to Seattle for the weekend and it's stressing me out.

OH, and I vote for buying multi packs of undies.

Emily Ann

I didn't get the rabies shot...uhhh I don't plan to be out in an unhabited area with rapid animals. But oh yeah, I forgot you're doing that "live amongst the crazy rabid animals for a day" excursion. Also, if you bring that hair straightener to ONE OF THE MOST HUMID CLIMATES IN THE WORLD, so help me baby Jesus, I will laugh at you and pants you. Then promptly run away. Also, I vote for the buy packs of undies and throw away as you go. I'm doing that.

Emily Ann

RABID animals...although I'm sure rabid animals are rapid.


Hey, I hope you know that the Hepatits B vaccine is a series of 3 shots that you get over the course of 6 months.

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