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I think you should write about your worst date ever. Or maybe your worst 3 dates. Bad date stories are always fun!

Emily Ann

I like Lisa's idea! Or you could talk about your ninja vs. pirates argument. I still say pirates kick ass! Arrghh matey!


You always make me laugh, but if you need topics, here are some things we need you to do:

Make us a recipe. Document with photographs.

Follow Lisa's advice and tell us about your worst ever date(s).

Post a photo of yourself from junior high school.

Ninjas vs. Pirates? Explain, please.

Create something wearable out of an unwearable bridemaid dress. Is that even possible? Give it a try and document with photos.

Hold a contest. You could rig it so I will win. Or not. Whatever.

Drink wine, then post. Always entertaining!

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