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Emily Ann

Yup, can't say I wouldn't be as pissed as you are. It's one thing if this was a huge group trip with random people pitching in and going and someone wanted to added their significant other. It's another to have 4 close friends plan a trip together and all of the sudden someone wants to add a 5th--a random person that they just started dating--at that. Doesn't make sense and I wouldn't go either. The last thing I'd want to do is watch 2 couples be all coupley while I'm being asked every 5 seconds, "will you take our picture?"

Oh, it's not like I've ever experienced that myself. Nooooo.


I would be LIVID about this. LIVID. I'm married and I wouldn't want to go on a trip with two other couples sans husband. You can't help but feel awkward, not because you are single, but because you are not a part of a couple present at that moment. Also, I don't really think this is the kind of trip you should invite some random person you are dating on. Seems a bit much. And then to ask you to take along someone so you don't feel awkward? OOOH. I AM MAD FOR YOU.


That sucks. I was asked in a round about way about hanging out w/ my roommates and a friend of their's who would also have a friend there. Hello, fifth wheel much? I guess when you are in your own couply world, you just don't consider how the single folk feel about such situations. I feel ya, Mel and I'm sorry you can't make the trip now. It would have been a blast, I'm sure.


Not cool at all. That just sucks so very, very much. I wish I had the money to say, "screw em - let's go together" but sadly, I can't help you out at the moment although I dying to go to both Greece and Thailand. But of course you are totally in the right to feel slighted and angry. In fact, I think these people owe you one all expenses paid trip to the destination of your choice. With me.


So sad you will not get your trip (though if you head for Japan, I'll take you all around and give you the guest room!) My mother and I had our long-planned mother/daughter trip to Paris a few years ago. At the very last minute, she invited my ex-stepfather...yes, the man who had been screwing around on her, and who she was in the process of divorcing. My strong capable mom became this hand-wringing girlygirl, acting as if she couldn't read a map or order dinner without a MAN. I was beyond livid, and was a royal, total BITCH for the first day and a half. Then I realized I was ruining my own vacation as well as theirs, and ended up having a blast, mostly alone. But that's not exactly how I'd envisioned our mother/daughter trip.

They are beyond rude to treat you this way. They made a commitment to go...with you. The one should not have backed out (at least without losing a hefty deposit! Ha!) and the other should not ask to bring a friend. Too bad that his new girlfriend "found out about it." She was not invited. Period.

Grrrr. Shall I come smack them around for you?


I have no idea if its workable or not but I think you should go anyways. If you can swing it make a grand vacation for yourself and leave the invite out there if people want to join you that's great, if not then you're going to have a great time too.

I'd be not-so-happy- about this too, heck I was mad when a Vegas trip fell through.

No worries!


you poor dear. that's terrible.
I say, chocolate cake and merlot all around. sometimes people can be so bothersome!
praying 4 U

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