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I once came home to find a 6 inch long centipede in my apartment. I proceeded to put on a pair of high heeled boots and beat it to death with a heeled shoe. Except that it WOULD NOT DIE, so I tried to suck it up with my vaccuum. Of course, the damn thing got stuck in the hose half way in, so I left the vaccuum on and ran to the patio door and shut off the vaccuum and watched as it flew out of the hose into the grass. It was at that moment I decided that I needed to get married.

Emily Ann

I can absolutely picture you doing this. I wish I could have been there to document this occasion with pictures of you wildly swinging a broom around. Awesome.


that is freakin hilarious. i react similarly to roaches myself. however, i put my husband on bug duty and he uses MY flip flops to kill them. and that's just wrong.


this is why I don't miss Texas...
Having grown up around those little creatures, I DREAD the day I ever see one again.
I have chills just thinking about the big flying ones......
eeeeeeeeeeeek :-(


Classic. I'd say that I wished I were there to see it, but I don't wish I were anywhere near a flying roach. I think I have a pretty good mental picture of the scene, which is plenty hilarious enough.


this was much better acted out. =)


Honestly...you are amazing...I could not have taken on that cockroach..they FREAK ME OUT! You, Melissa, are my hero!


KARATE LESSONS? My only "C" at Baylor was in karate. Best of luck to you. Let me know if you want some advice on how to annoy your sensei. My #1 tip: giggle. A lot.

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