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"I'm worth the chase. I'm worth the effort. I'm worth getting nervous for."

Damn straight. Sad that we should all need reminding of that, but so true.

Emily Ann

Yep...you are definitely 100% right. It is sooo important to remember we are worth the chase and worth the effort. Men are too damn lazy I swear! I could write a mini-novel on this subject but I will save your readers my rant.


What is it about Steel Magnolias? You cannot turn away. You should try being really obnoxious- that's how I found my husband and he loves me just the way I am!

No really, I was totally mean to him for months. It works!


Mo....we all love you for you. That's when you shine. Just like we say no judgement to each other, you need to be thinking that when it comes to guys. You don't want someone to judge you for who you are or aren't. Just be Mo....the girl that we all think is beautiful and stinkin' hilarious!


wow, this in conjunction with our conversation tonight...i couldn't agree with you more. one day mel, he'll be here.

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