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Oh, I laughed just as hard reading it as I did when you told me about it. CLASSIC, indeed!


Oh my gosh, you have to WARN me when I shouldn't read these things at work. I have tears running down my face! Tears! Because work is deathly silent and I had to hold the laughter in and the hilarity had to exit my body in liquid form! You didn't mention that this was your third trip to the restroom when you discovered it!

Emily Ann

niiiiiiiiice! clASSic, clASSic melissa!!! gawwwd I miss you so much already!!!


I'm with Lisa! This one will never, ever lose it's funny!


That's pretty damn funny. How did this not hurt? I remember actually having a lengthy conversation with you in college in which you advocated some brand of thong underwear that you claimed were incredibly comfortable. I didn't know you meant comfortable both backwards AND forwards.


See Melissa, if you'd just go to work commando-style like me, embarrassing things like this wouldn't happen. After reading the post it dawned on me that the *Matt* you referred to might have been me... but then you guys are always calling me 'matty' or 'mattycakes' or some such nonsense, so I just assumed you were referring to someone else. Oh well, the post wasn't that embarrassing. It's not like you PEED ON YOUR PANTS or anything.


I knew you couldn't help yourself and would post it here! It's just too priceless. Classic, classic, classic.

Oh Melissa, I just adore you.


Thx! :)

Darin Dunn

I didn't read this.. I didn't read this... I didn't read this...

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