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Gosh I love you! How the heck do you come up with this stuff? I about peed my pants when I read the part about you wearing the J.Lo dress to church....so funny. You might need to contact Kathy Griffin. I think she'd hook you up with a gig.


You could be Kathy's main Mexican! Her taquito, if you will.


Your ideas are great! And comfy, which is good.

This could be the perfect opportunity to put one of those old bridesmaid dresses to use! Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's or Sixteen Candles or something.

Or, make a trip to the thrift store and be a Golden Girl.

Or, Three's Company! Come and Knock on our Door....

Can't wait to hear what you do. Fun!


I have soccer socks and shin guards if you go with the Bend it Like Beckham thing. I also have cleats but I wear size Big and you wear size Little, so that wouldn't work...


I like the Janet Jackson idea. I also like the green dress idea. I can't wait to see pics from this party!

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