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Thanks so much for not naming me Melissa. What a relief that no one knows I'm "that girl."


Oh, and I would like to clarify that the desire to do the whole ranting phone call passed after the actual day of the break-up. Well, ok the day after the break-up. But I didn't do it and that is called personal growth.


Oh, I have instead drunk dialed at the beginning of dating a guy. Hey, I'm drunk! I should call (guy I've just started seeing.) He still went out with me, but I was mortified. Mostly I just said nasty things about our former employer, them having just laid me off that day. Hence the drinking.


Ahh the drunk dial I have done that as well! You never come off sounding as sexy as you think you are.


Ha! I used the "I don't have a real peace about us" on Dave when we were in high school. The truth was really that my parents hated him and were giving me a really hard time about dating him.

Well wouldn't you know I'd end up marrying him about 8 years later. Watch your back!!


Just thought I should point out that Bobby Brown didn't sing Poison. It was Bel Biv Devoe. Or was that not the connection you were making by naming it and then naming him? Oh and guess what, I'm engaged!

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