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Oh yes, I would retire, too. How many of those 10 dresses have you actually been able to wear again?


I was getting a little worried as I was reading this post. However, you redeemed yourself at the end when you said you would be in my wedding. I would be honored my friend! :)

Emily Ann

Ditto to what Jenny said...and I'll have you know whenever I get married, I would like you to wear a nice pink latex catsuit.


I was just telling a married friend of mine about the most recent wedding and she was astounded at how I keep going to weddings. She was all "I went to a lot of weddings for about 3 years and that was it." So I explained how she probably stopped making new single friends after she got married, so once the first round of friends got married, she was done. I'm going to refuse from now on to go to any weddings of people under the age of 25. Because the fact that I keep getting older and yet the brides and grooms keep being 22 is just too sad for me.
Also, you are going to look HOTT in that pink catsuit!


I probably should send out announcements to my friends telling them that I have decided to retire from bridesmaiding when I turn 30. Open season for one more year!


That's it, I'm making you a new banner for your blog. This subject is too priceless to pass up.


I think I was kind...our attendants were:
* His father, as best man, wearing his own favorite charcoal suit.
* My best friend Jon as my "maid" of honor in a fantastic navy blue suit (he wore a pink tie in homage to the pink taffeta I kept threatening him with!)
* Our three nieces, one of whom carried the ring pillow (ages 7, 7 and 5) each wearing a dark blue velvet dress with a lighter blue satin sash, white ankle socks, and black Mary Jane shoes, with ivy wreaths in their hair and little silver lockets (our gifts to them). The little girls loved their dresses, the two male attendants (and my father) wore suits that they liked and were comfortable in, I got to dress like a princess...everyone was happy! (Well, except maybe Fearless Husband, who had to wear his dress uniform!)


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