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Keith Demko

Though I would never dress up like Superman or any character to see a movie, I have to admit I'm pretty geeked up for Superman

Emily Ann

Melissa, it is so rude to pretend not to know your boyfriend just because he's dressed up like his hero. I'm so disappointed in you. Well I'm off to go on a date with Batman.


Oh Melissa stop pretending that you're not waiting for a Wonder Woman movie to come out so you can wear your custom-made costume to the theater.


I went to high school with a guy who would stencil the Superman logo on his chest, then paint it with sunscreen...so he'd have the logo reverse-sunburned on his chest! Obsessive much? Ha ha! And as for embarrassing parents, I'm right there with you!

Thanks for the comment you left me...I answered you there like a dummy!



Oooops...I meant the comment you left on my other blog. I'm kind of blonde today!


Aw, I bet it was Stuart Head, right? hahaha

BTW, want to go see "The Devil Wears Prada" with Bekah and me sometime this week? I can't believe I still haven't seen you this summer!

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