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You're not moving for two months?


are you going to pay for us to go to these dinner parties? we still have no jobs!! :(
When and if you get here (Austin) you need to throw one of those signal parties-- where you invite friends who invite friends who invited friends (all single preferably, but not required)
You would throw one awesome party!!


That second comment was actually Amy. I changed the info on her computer to mine since we're sharing it since the Internet won't actually work on mine for no apparent reason and our computery friend isn't coming to visit until Friday.


Ooooppppssss... my bad :)


Get completely ok with being single...as if you know you would be single forEVER and it doesn't bother you. TRUST me, when you are looking, they can smell it and they run (or sometimes they take advantage first and then they run) but if you are whole and happy and so obviously NOT looking, men fall out of trees onto your head, and step out of doorways and run into you and it's like a smorgasbord of men!

I "got fine" with being alone. I bought a condo on my own, bought myself a set of sterling, since I was not going to have the whole wedding thing to get any silver, started looking into adoption as a single parent, and WHAM! Men everywhere. I was stepping over them, I tell ya!

So where I am I now? Married to the love of my life, an amazing, astonishing man who, about three years ago realized I was not about to run after HIM, so he started running after ME. He outran the competition, and I allowed myself to be "caught" (but not too easily.)

You are a lovely, intelligent, articulate woman. I'd say "good luck" but you don't need it. Some guy will find his good luck in meeting you one day soon.

Holly M

If you move to dallas we can hang out and be single together! :)

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