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You poor thing!

If it makes you feel better, I think everyone throws up on someone at least once in their life. I know I have. Sadly, I have been thrown up ON more times than I can count.

Hope you feel better!!


I just read 3 blogs, all about vomiting. The only 3 I have read today. What is going on and how can I avoid it???


ps--Was the vomiting before or after the new haircut/highlights? Hope you feel better!!!


the vomiting was after the all over color but during the highlight portion. I'm sure I looked really classy while vomiting with all this foil in my hair.


We haven't even seen each other so I guess neither of us can blame the other for all of the sickness.


My poor friends, I am sorry for all the sickness! Please don't spread it to me-- I don't want to take my sick days yet-- I am saving them for the end of the school year :)
I hope you feel better very soon-- We need to get together to talk roomie talk (but only when you are both healthy)

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