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I have to say, Lost, for me was more about the junkie hobbit than Doc Party of Five.


really? Jack? I am much more in love with and enthralled by Sawyer. Jack is a little bit pushy and annoying in my opinion...like let Michael go look for Walt if he wants to, and just leave him be. Sawyer, now there is one witty castaway...big sigh ;)

I too am obsessed with Lost and have been for the last year and a half. Found your site through Catherine's!


Ok I'm not going to lie Sawyer is hot too. He has great one liners such as, "There are better ways to wake up a man." Classic Sawyer.


I believe Matthew Fox will be my husband after the divorce. I will be willing to fight you for him. I don't think you would have a chance against me, but you could try.

Nothing But Bonfires

I always wanted to be addicted to Lost but I think I've joined the party too late. Apparently you have to have watched if from the beginning. Also, I just can't look at Matthew Fox without picturing him as Charlie Salinger, about to berate Bailey and Julia for coming home late from school.


You wanted me to delurk so here it is. Neither of them are hot. And the only reason he cries is becuase it is hollywood. James (i mean Sawyer) is a dork, I mean honeslty his act is soo McGyver meets Rambo and last I checked Mc Gyver was out in the 80's and Stalone is like 90.

Fraulein N

I am addicted to Lost too, but my eye candy of choice is smart-ass Sawyer. Your observation about Jack's waterworks killed me; I hadn't noticed that he was crying that much, but what do you know, he is.

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