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If you must pick a celebrity to idolize why pick Billy Ray. Seriously!


I didn't pick him he picked me!! I have some standards and a mullet is not high on my list in what I want in a man... actually its not even on my list!


Oh, fake Billy Ray has AT LEAST 100 pounds on real Billy Ray. And a good 10 of those pounds are in mullett.


I so wish I could go with y'all. I am missing out on all the hotties!!! dang it


C'mon, give Billy Ray a chance! He's probably a dynamo line-dancer and could open your beer with his teeth!


Sorry, I was saying why would the guy pick Billy Ray. My bad.


Business in the front, party in the back!

So your flip turn isn't going so well, huh? I think it may be time for some kind of intervention.


I'm just jealous that you can swim at all. I can't. Well, not in a pool anyway. I'm a creek girl, so I can only swim underwater like a frog. You ought to do a triathalon, since you've already trained for a marathon (or I think you did. It said so on you 100 Things list. I just ran my first one in October.).

Try perfecting glaring through your goggles and saying, "What are you looking at, Douchebag?" Technically, calling someone a douchebag isn't cursing.


Have you ever tried a "good ol' boy"? I hear that they're great for a good roll in the hay....LOL. You know...you could just take out your frustrations on Billy Ray until the "right" one comes along. GROSS!!!!

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