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It looks great! Seriously, it was fun to make. I love pretending like I know how to do things like this!

P.S. You were totally legit before, you know. :)


that banner is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen in my life....if only i could have a banner like that!

Emily Ann

Seriously...it's awesome! it really encompasses you Mizz Fabulous. Way to go other Emily! Now you're too legit--too legit to quit. Hey-ya...


Oooooh, you're fancy! Very well done, Emily!


Just go ahead and blog about how you shattered my dreams of coolness last night. It was almost like being on What Not to Wear and finding out that your friends think you're a fashion idiot when all along you thought you looked just fine..... Only you didn't give me $5,000.

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