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I am currently updating my 100 things. They were all out of date and now I'm missing nine things... I'm working on it.

1. I don’t really care all that much about grammar on this site.

2. I'm A fan of concerts

3. I'm 27

4. I'm thinking about moving back to New York

5. In June I will officially be in my late twenties

6. I work in real estate

7. I buy shampoo based on what it smells like

8. I’m single

9. But I don’t date much because I think I’m too

10. I want to get married someday

11. I “studied” abroad in college

12. I will have been in 11 weddings by Jan.

13. I am retiring after Jan.

14. I went to private school my whole life

15. For the first time I am trying to live on a

16. It is so hard for me

17. I had my first job when I was a senior in

18. I have a cat

19. But I love dogs too

20. I love camping

21. I don’t think I could live without the internet

22. I try to workout 5 times a week

23. I have to because I have a hypothyroid

24. I lived in NYC for a year

25. It sucked up all my money

26. So after being on my own for 7 years I had to move back into my parents house

27. Thankfully I moved out a couple of months ago.

28. Our relationship is much better now.




32. I really want to move out of TX

33. I’m applying for a fellowship to work in London
for a year

34. No one knew that until right now

35. That’s just between us okay?

36. I love my family

37. Although sometimes they stifle me

38. Sometimes I fear that I’m not doing what I
want to do but what is expected of me to do


40. I tell the truth

41. No matter how brutal

42. My favorite store is anthropologie

43. I’m a Christian

44. But not a big Bush fan

45. I’m not judgmental either

46. I think God loves everyone

47. My favorite drink is an apple martini

48. I love candles

49. I have curly hair

50. but I straighten it everyday

51. I like to dance

52. I love to read

53. I watch way too much TV

54. I read UsWeekly

55. I’m not ashamed to admit it

56. I try to drink a lot of water

57. Which makes me go to the bathroom a lot

58. I LOVE to travel

59. My favorite vacation was to Greece

60. I want to go to New Zealand, Australia, Japan
and Thailand

61. I actually toyed with the idea of teaching
English in Thailand

62. I got over that in a week

63. Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my life

64. I’m a huge procrastinator

65. I constantly compare my weight to others

66. I own 17 pairs of black pants

67. It’s a sickness

68. If I find a shirt I like I will buy it in 3 different

69. Sometimes I don’t brush my teeth at night

70. I do floss though

71. I like to use big words

72. I’m a horrible speller

73. I like politics

74. but I like pop culture more

75. I hate flat sheets

76. I cry when I am angry

77. I love taking pictures

78. I hate the term French country

79. Although I do like the decorations from this

80. I hate flying

81. It scares the crap out of me

82. Even before 9/11

83. I’m very competitive

84. I once almost knocked down a chandelier
while playing uno

85. I have hated uno since

86. I can listen to the same song over and over

87. I can also watch the same movie over and

88. I think I might have a slightly addictive

89. I have dyslexia but only when it comes to numbers

90. I diagonesed myself

91. I call people by their full name instead of the
shortened version they probably prefer. For
example: Jennifer not Jen

92. I make friends easily

93. And for some strange reason they decide to
tell me all their problems and innermost secrets

94. I sometimes laugh at them while they are
telling me this stuff.

95. I like scores from movies

96. I wish I read the newspaper

97. I used to teach youth group at my church

98. I miss it


100. I love aquariums